The Quest Begins!

This summer, the stars aligned and a few factors made this a perfect time to go on an EPIC READING ADVENTURE! For one thing, next year is my last year of undergrad, so depending on what opportunities appear after graduation, the summer of 2017 might be my last true summer break. I use the term break loosely, because I’ll be working for the majority of the summer, and commuting from Long Island to Manhattan. This is a bummer because it means I have to wake up early, but it’s also very exciting, because it means I’ll have dozens of hours of uninterrupted reading time with few distractions on the LIRR.  Plus, I ended up with $200 worth of gift card credit to Amazon and Barnes and Noble, which is enough to buy very many books. Add to that a trip to my local used bookstore and a stack of books that have been lying around waiting to be read and the result is a list of 50 books which I’m going to attempt to read and review this summer. Realistically, I might not make it through all 50; I read kind of slowly and ponderously and I’m not going to rush through these books just to meet an arbitrary numerical goal, but hopefully this quest will help me keep my focus. Every Sunday, I’ll post reviews of whatever books I’ve finished during the week. Consider this blog a formal invitation to follow along with me on my adventure!

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